Overvågning og alarmering

Monitoring and alarming


evikali has developed a unique concept that allows you to define and collect all relevant events which occur in a production environment.


eviInfo and eviEvent

In these applications, incidents collected from various sources like databases, PCL / OPC, ERP systems, SAP, CRM, SCM, Web servers, and others, are forwarded to a central server. On this server, event types are configurated with the appropriate actions, which should be available, when the event occurs, for instance, through links for expanded information, links to a surveillance camera or an opportunity for an employee to take a responsibility for an event.

Each user can select the event types or groups of event types according to subscription and point of interest. In this way, you can be sure that there is always a person who is responsible for the events which may occur. In addition to a Senior be alarmed if no one has taken responsibility for the selected event types.



An app is installed only from the internal network, and not from App Store or Android Market. This means that the solution and software is never available to other users than internal users. The solution is configurated to use the company's internal wireless network, with a security level similar to the use of a lap-top. If the solution must be used over the Internet with e.g. access from home, it is important to evaluate all the security risks associated with the solution. The typical use of a phone is that you are always online often without locking the phone. We therefore recommend that you only expose uncritical information due to the risk of lost or stolen phone, which gives unauthorized use of apps until access is blocked. At evikali, these solutions are carefully implemented according to your needs.


Registration of alarm

If you discover a problem in a facility, then you no longer need to find a specific person to take care of the problem. You just have to register an alarm, and then the responsible person will be automatically notified. If no one has taken responsibility for the alarm within a short time, a new alarm will automatically be activated.


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