Apps for professional use


At evikali, we have a vision to create great apps with values for business and professional users in daily routines. An app should not be advanced and exotic, but an intuitive tool which supports accessibility, overview and workflows. An app becomes a useful app, when it achieves the status of being an indispensable tool among employees who have access to use it.  


At evikali, we start to focus on "what can be achieved and what it costs".



Smartphones and tablets have become tremendously popular among home users. Especially the ability to download apps from the App Store or Market Place is popular. More and more people are familiar with smart devices, and therefore it is appropriate for professionals to ask themselves the question - can I use smart devices and apps to improve my business? evikali can not provide the answer in advance. With our understanding of how manufacturing companies and large organizations operate, we can help to answer the question in your business.



An app does not have to be fancy or pretty. Sometimes a simple information at the right time and place makes all the difference. Information can be presented in many ways with text, images, graphics, sound and animation. It determines the case for interaction. Our ambition is to find the best solution for your company.




evikali develop apps for both Android and iOS (iPhone), which is the largest providers at the moment. We use both native languages ​​like Java and Objective-C and HTML5 - it depends on the specific solution, and what will work best. As other platforms achieve success in the market, evikali will provide apps on these platforms as well.


Integration with enterprise data

A common feature of many professional solutions is that an app must work with the company's internal data. In these situations, we develop the necessary integrations with other corporate systems. Virtually all types of interfaces, we are able to communicate with an app. We offer considerable expertise in this area - everything from web servers / services, ERP systems, databases, sockets, message queues, and PLCs or RS485 and platforms like Windows, Linux and iSeries.


The typical proces

We believe that companies will include apps as an important tool in three main phase. The first phase focuses on collecting and displaying current ratios, for instance, critical production data, which suggests whether everything runs as it should. The display may be based on text, graphs and speedometer. The second phase focuses on interaction and an alarm. For instance, an alarm notification can be associated with particular actions. In the third phase, location awareness is used, i.e. the opportunity to work with data and functions based on one´s location in the company. Here, the use of "augmented reality" also becomes an issue, ie. the possibility to work with the "objects" which can be seen by the camera or GPS.



The use of smart devices and apps is still premature in terms of their safety. It is important that you are critical to the risks associated with a great idea for an app. Inside the company with access to wireless network, security can be controlled with usual network security. This will be sufficient for many practical scenarios. Using an app over the Internet makes very different demands. It is an expectation that a smartphone is always on and online. To avoid abuse, we never initiate a project before we have scrutinized all the safety aspects of the proposed solution.


How to get started?


Contact evikali and we will participate in a preliminary meeting, where ideas and possible solutions are discussed. It may be a good idea to get started with a simple and inexpensive solution according to the needs of your company. Subsequently, the solution can be expanded as needed.